Property Tax Report

Many property investors are losing potential credits by failing to take full advantage of a property’s tax depreciation potential. An often overlooked method of obtaining tax credits, property tax depreciation is available to any property owner who obtains assessable income by way of rent or operates a business from a property.

Answers to some of the key questions asked regarding depreciation of investment property are:

  • As a general rule any property constructed after 16th of September 1987 (residential) and 20 July 1982 (non-residential) is eligible for the construction write-off allowance;
  • All buildings, regardless of age, will attract depreciation and the building write-off allowance if refurbishment works have been undertaken after 16th of September 1987(residential) and 20 July 1982 (non-residential);
  • All external works including fencing, paving, pergolas, garden sheds etc constructed after February 1992 will attract the building write-off allowance;
  • A depreciation report can be prepared to allow a client to easily recover missed depreciation benefits (up to a period of five years) by amending previous tax returns.