Quantity surveyors

registered-tax-agent-300x167DK Property professional only have qualified or registered tax agent (Quantity Surveyors) for your tax depreciation schedules. We always focus on ensuring our clients that property investors obtain every last cent of tax depreciation payment they are legally entitled to.Our professionals estimate and deeply monitor construction costs, from the feasibility stage of a project through to the completion of the structure period. After construction a registered tax agent is involved with tax depreciation schedules replacement cost estimation for insurance purposes and, if necessary, conciliation and settlement.A registered tax agent for quantity surveying calculates your building costs against the overall worth of your property to help you and your accountant deduct the right amount of money from your taxes each year.

We also work closely with financiers, architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, project owners, accountants, solicitors and courts and with all levels of government authorities. We have years of experience in this field. That’s why we are the best in Australia.